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Dental Implants in Hammonton, NJ

Dental implants are the permanent, natural looking way to replace missing teeth. Whether you have one missing tooth or many, dental implants can beautifully rejuvenate your smile. At the Center for Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry in Hammonton, NJ, Dr. David Crescenzo performs dental implant restorations to help patients stop worrying about their smiles and start enjoying life!

A dental implant consists of a man-made, biocompatible tooth root topped with a custom crown. Dr. Crescenzo also uses dental implants to secure dentures and bridges. Unlike other replacement teeth options, dental implants stimulate bone growth to preserve the shape of your jawbone and potentially prevent facial sagging.

If dental implants are the right solution for your smile, an oral surgeon will place tiny, titanium posts (the "tooth roots") in your jawbone. Dr. Crescenzo will oversee your smile's restoration and mount your replacement teeth atop the posts. The result is a beautifully renewed smile that restores the oral comfort, function, and appearance you've been missing.

Dr. Crescenzo and the team at the Center for Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry in Hammonton, NJ provide comprehensive dental care, including dental implants, to South Jersey, Egg Harbor Township, Galloway, and surrounding communities. Contact us if you’re in need of an appointment!

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