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Words cant being to express my gratitude for taking such great care of me. Thank you for doing such a good job on the four veneers you gave me earlier this year. The process each time was quick and painless. Thank you for being so conscientious in your administering of the anesthetic. I would also like to thank the dental assistants who assisted with every step in the process, and your office specialist for calling to remind me of my appointments, and for her help with scheduling and insurance. Finally, I thank the dental hygienist who cleans my teeth. She always does a great job. Thank you all again for taking good care of me. And as crazy as it may sound to others, I always look forward to my quarterly cleaning with and  staff. I have to say that I continuously receive compliments on my beautiful smile, thanks to you

I never wanted to express or smile because I was ashamed of my teeth. When I meet Dr. Crescenzo he explained to me what he wanted to do. When the procedure was complete, I was not ashamed anymore. The transformation was amazing. What a gift God gave to Dr. Crescenzo.

I tell everyone, if you want the best, go to Dr. Crescenzo!




I am in my early 20's and I feel having beautiful, healthy teeth is necessary to having a positive self-image. Unfortunately, I was involved in an accident with the outcome being four broken teeth and a shattered self-image.

At first my teeth were repaired with bonding, which began to discolor only after a couple of years. I had always liked the shape and shade of my teeth before they broke and wanted a more similar appearance.

Dr. Crescenzo and his staff helped to transform my smile through porcelain veneers. They look natural and the compliments I get regarding my smile are priceless. Most importantly, my confidence has been restore!

- James E. Wain

October 21, 2005
Testimonial for Professional Services Provided by Dr. David G. Crescenzo

Dr. David Crescenzo greatly improved my health and well being by performing cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry on my teeth. Prior to that, I was embarrassed to smile because of the poor condition of my teeth. In addition, my wife often informed me that I ground my teeth while I slept. I did not realize it at the time, but my jaw was in a receded position that also resulted in an undesirable change in my profile. In addition, I had frequent, loud ringing in my ears.

Dr. Crescenzo informed that the grinding of teeth, ringing in my ears, and misaligned jaw were all interrelated. Plus, the condition of my teeth would only get worse with time due to them being worn down from the grinding action. This wear would cause further problems. He offered a comprehensive solution and treatment procedures to correct these problems.

Dr. Crescenzo, assisted by his skilled and dedicated staff, meticulously analyzed and corrected my problems with state-of-the-art technology and methods. He not only provided the best possible professional services, but it is obvious that he takes pride in his work and sincerely cares about his patients.

As a result of the professional services rendered, my wife informs me that I no longer grind my teeth. The ringing in my ears has greatly diminished. Most of the time, it is imperceptible. I am very happy with my corrected profile and I feel that I have a brand new set of my own teeth. Everyone tells me now that I have a great smile, so I’m not embarrassed to smile anymore!

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