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3 Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth This Winter

November 5, 2022

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The coming of winter can sometimes make us reflect on the past year. What have you done, and what would you do differently? With the holidays upon us, your teeth might be doing a little bit more work than usual. It could be good to start building a few habits that protect your oral health.

This is also the season that can be the roughest on your teeth. Winter air can be a problem for your oral health, for a few reasons. Here are some things you can do to prevent any potential negative effects that result from winter weather.

Stay Hydrated

Everyone knows how it feels to have the December wind whip against your face, and how hard that can be on your skin. You might not normally think about it, but that also happens to dry out your mouth. When your tongue becomes a tundra, it disrupts your body’s natural oral cleaning process. A dry mouth contributes to an increase in plaque buildup and a higher likelihood of gum disease. If you’re going for a walk through a winter wonderland, try packing a thermos full of warm water. That will not only keep you hydrated, but it’ll also help you stay warm.

Pack Some Lip Balm

Your mouth and face can take a beating from the dry weather, but your lips will probably get the worst of it. Thin skin is more susceptible to peeling and drying out than the rest of your body. Drinking lots of water will help, but the best thing you can do is get a lip balm with SPF protection. That will keep your lips looking soft and smooth through the winter months.

Treat Your Sensitive Teeth

Thinning enamel can expose the layer of the tooth underneath, called dentin. This dentin has a higher density of nerve tissue than the outside of your tooth, so you might start to develop a sensitivity to heat and cold if your enamel is worn away. That can be a real pain in the winter. If you’re a little irritated by the cold, you should try using toothpaste made to treat sensitive teeth. There’s no way to restore lost enamel, but such toothpaste contains ingredients that can protect exposed dentin.

Nobody’s perfect. It can be easy to let your oral health slip a little bit, especially around the holidays. But making a few simple changes to your behavior can make a dramatic difference in the way your smile looks and feels. This winter, spare a thought for how best to take care of your teeth.

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